CADD Solutions

Corporate Profile

The Company

CADD Solutions Inc. is located in Vancouver, BC in Canada. The company was incorporated in 1986 and has been serving the computer drafting and design industry for over 14 years. We have grown every year offering our customers more services and more products each year. CADD Solutions offers drafting solutions to architects and engineers, graphic solutions to designers and animators with output solutions for each area. We are authorized on PC and Mac platforms to put the customer in the right software for their needs. CADD Solutions is also authorized as an educational dealer for many of our design and animation products allowing us to sell to schools and students.

Our mission is to supply the customer with a complete solution for Computer Aided Design by offering everything from software to hardware that would complete the task. At CADD Solutions, we feel it is more important that the customer has the correct software for his needs than just selling brand of computer. Buy the hardware that runs your software best.

Our services include scanning and digitizing of existing drawings, plotting service, and large format poster service. Our technical department provides support and upgrade services to your existing hardware.

As in any successful company, the key is to have a dynamic team of employees. Our staff is very knowledgeable on all of the products that we sell and are dedicated to keeping the customer satisfied. Keeping up on the latest and greatest products can be a full time job in itself. Graphics is the fastest growing and changing market in the computer industry and our staff is probably the sharpest in the industry.

The Team

Mark Garner - President
Mark is the president and owner of CADD Solutions. His background comes from 16 years in the structural design industry and was introduced to computers in 1978. When the need for a CADD company that offered a variety of products and not just one solution, he formed CADD Solutions. He is actively involved in sales, service and management of the company.
Roberta Williams - Manager
Roberta is the person that manages the company to keep it running as smoothly as possible. Her background comes from years in the data and office management business. Some of her hobbies are juggling and tap dancing, a necessity for an office manager.
Stan Marr - PC sales and support
Stan has a large plate, looking after the PC side of the business and has been with the company for 9 years. His knowledge of what's hot and what's not is unsurpassed. Stan is responsible for purchasing, sales and support for hardware and software. He can answer any of your questions.
Mac sales and support
Mark is our Macologist and has been with the company for over a year. He is a Mac guy to the bone and can handle any questions you may have. Digital Video is his middle name and he has the knowledge of many software packages to suit you..